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He may be old, he may be rude...........hey wake up, you're on the Good Times Dudes Emergency Network. Time to tune in to everything you need to know about the Dudes. No more outdated addresses each year, no missed people because everyone has their own set of addresses..........Just wall to wall GTD!!!!

So listen up, get with the e-mail etiquette or you'll earn the monthly Slacker Seal of Abuse. Use your highlighter and liberally delete portions of any message you are replying to that are irrelevant....... No sending 4 page e-mails where you've only added 2 sentences - DELETE, DELETE, DELETE........ remember he may be old, he may be rude, but GTDer's in good standing delete their garbage before sending. Thank You.

As we were saying..... he may be old, he may be rude but we're all just Good Time E-mailing Dudes!

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