girlgeniuserror: Girl Genius Errors

Girl Genius: Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!

Girl Genius is a very popular comic, which can be read for online for free, as well as in print.

It has won numerous awards, including the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story three times in a row. It is written by Phil and Kaja Foglio, drawn by Phil, and colored (currently) by Cheyenne Wright. The Foglios to refer to it as Gaslamp Fantasy, which is in the same general thematic realm as Steampunk, although less dystopian.

There are many places to discuss Girl Genius online already, but the purpose of this list is quite specialized; it is a list to collect errors in the comic, which can then be passed on to the authors, who compile a list of reported errors to fix before the print editions are prepared.

The hope is that this will save fans who want to take the trouble to report such errors from duplicated effort and reduce the amount of email coming into to the Foglios' already overburdened Inbox.