To document and provide accurate and detailed and specific informationabout the portage package management system, its differences comparedto other systems, its benefits, its inherent problems and works in progress.To elaborate on the kernel setup for gentoo linux and necessarycomponents described in detail to give the common user more information on the inner workings of the gentoo system.Provide information on optimization. For example the gcc compiler and its cflags (optimization flags) and how they canbenefit the end user regard to speed and stability in a consistentlyreadable format.Allow the user to find all documentation in on concise book rather than50 or even more how-to's and eliminate the tedious task of searchingaround dejanews and many forums.Our end goal is to be comparativly as good and even better as theFreeBSD hand book, with intimate knowlege of gentoo, its features,its internal structure, future developments and speciality's regardingGentoo.With the aid of gentoo developers this book should fill all posiblefields of knowlege regarding the gentoo linux operating system andits unique portage technology.Currently we are in the process of developing the documentation on alevel which is suitable for the newbie (freshling to linux) and thedie hard advanced *nix user.The need for this list is a effort to coordinate, streamline andcentralise the information flow in the developement documents. The needfor centralised input within our small starting community is big andstarting to grow out of manageble proportions seeing as we haveeditors ranging from all the continents of the world.Our documentation is based on the XML technology. The documentationwill ultimately be The Gentoo Bible.

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