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The list is meant to discuss open-source software, software and hardware development, issues of ICT and new media education in secondary schools and universities, and how these intersect with issues of gender and ethnicity. Also, it wants to result in a handbook of how to implement ICTs, softwares and new technologies in classrooms, non-profit institutions and curricula, so as to cater all different social groups along gender and race.

Many of us are involved in educating about New Media and IT in many different environments and teaching digital media to various populations with great differences in age, race, cultural milieu, gender, economic backgrounds, geographic locations, language etc. Due to our experiences with dominant assumptions about teaching and using digital media in mainstream (western) culture, we felt

the need to explore ways in which discourses of difference, and especially feminist and postcolonial analyses could be brought to bear on generating tactics and strategies for critical and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning and using digital media.

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