freedombox_ph: Freedombox Philippines

Freedombox is a screen access product that enables a person to use the computer and the internet through keyboard input, mouse manipulation, or voice commands. It is from Serotek Corporation and more info may be found at This E-group is set up mainly for people living in the Philippines who are blind and vision-impaired, have difficulty using their hands to access a computer via the keyboard/mouse, are senior citizens wanting a simple way to access a computer, as well as others who think Freedombox is the right product for them. Folks or groups that are related to such individuals, or may be interested in Freedombox for one reason or another, are likewise welcome to join. Here, a Freedombox user or someone who is just deciding on whether to purchase the product may ask questions, make suggestions, and share tips or their thoughts about Freedombox. Note that the Freedombox Network has forums where the same topics may be discussed but they are only available to Freedombox users with subscription to the FB Network. Further, the exclusive distributor of Freedombox in the Philippines is Technologies for Lifelong Independence (TLI), and this mailing list is owned and moderated by their sole Philippine representative, Roselle Ambubuyog. IF there are further developments concerning Freedombox in the Philippines, such as product demos, training workshops, new services, etc., announcements will also be posted to this list. Moreover, local technical support may be provided to members of this group, either by TLI's representative herself, or other Freedombox users. We hope this will serve as a useful resource to everyone, whether or not they are part of the Freedombox community already.