freecycle_princeton: Welcome to Freecycle_Princeton_NJ !

Welcome to Freecycle Princeton, New Jersey. Our primary goal is to keep useful items out of the landfill. Post your offers and wanteds and connect with your community. This group primarily serves Princeton, NJ and the immediate surrounding area. Clean out your garage, basement, or attic and post it on Freecycle!

A few simple rules:

1. Everything must be free.

2. In the subject field please use:


3. If you make an Offer outside of Princeton, please identify where you are.

4. It is traditional to make your first post an "Offer"

5. Pets are allowed, but remember, pets are for keep, not for Christmas!

6. Wanted posts ONLY once a month please.

7. If you OFFER something, please describe the item. If it doesn't work, please be honest to avoid disappointment.

8. Don't ask for a car, boat or extreme luxury items.

Try our neighboring Freecycle group :

Mercer County Freecycle

Questions? Please contact THE MODERATOR directly. Do not post a random question or comment to the entire group. Violations will not be tolerated. Remember, Freecycle is all about keeping items out of the landfill.