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This group serves as a forum where students can ask instructors questions about field work. It will also build a database of FAQ's so that we eliminate as much redundancy as possible. As such, please follow the format described below.

* When you start a new topic, use an identifying title for the thread e.g. Thrush You can then search the forum for particular topics.

* Do not ask hypothetical, open ended questions as variables pertinent to any particular case will often determine the course of action.

* In asking a question, be as concise as possible while giving as much pertinent information as you have regarding the case so instructors don't have to keep chasing you down for more information.

* Do your due diligence and research, and present your thoughts on what should be done at the end of the question. The instructors will then critique your assessment and help you from there. You may not have the right answer, but you should have a well thought out plan that you can defend.

* Make sure that due diligence includes searching the chat group for topics already covered.

* Please do not chit chat. We have plenty of other forums for that. This will become a reference library and needs to be concise and professional.

* Use this group ONLY when you are stuck, or you are facing a situation for which you have no idea how to proceed.

* All the instructors have full time practices, so response time will vary, but effort will be made to address urgent cases first and as quickly as possible. If you find yourself with a very difficult case where you feel you are in over your head, explain to the owner that you you need to consult with your advisers/instructors/mentors (pick a name) and will get back to them as soon as possible. It is always safer for the horse for you to admit you need help than to try to bluff your way through.

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