ergatikilesxinsmyrnis: ERGATIKI LESXI Nea Smyrni

In the last five years Greece lives in the vortex of crisis and the of huge public debt. During these years thousands have lost their jobs, there are no new job openings and the numbers of citizens who live in poverty is rising rapidly. During this time, all the state benefits for the poor have been minimized. In these circumstances initiatives like "Ergatiki Lesxi", built from the people - for the people, have come to provide solidarity to those who need it and to organize the local movements that demand what is right and fair from the state.

"Ergatiki Lesxi" is a self-organized space, located in Nea Smyrni suburb of Athens, Greece. It is a solidarity space for those affected by the economic crisis and supports the local movements. It hosts free lessons for children, free foreign language lessons, free music lessons, as well as many cultural events (cinema, music performances, choir, etc). It also supports a self-organized dispensary, where those who can't afford to pay for medical expenses can be examined by doctors and provided with medicine.

The mailing-list will support the rising need of "Ergatiki Lesxi" to Inform all those interested in our activities (and have provided us with their email address). Until now we inform them by sending mail through Gmail to, approximately, 700 different emails, sometimes more than 2 times a day. That led Gmail to register us as spam and limited the number of mails that we can send daily/weekly. We are in a dire need to keep our initiative running and thus to inform our "members" for all the activities. Our need is for an announcement-only list. In regards to bandwidth usage, usually we send small plain text mail. Sometimes we send text in form of .doc or .pdf and posters of events (.jpg, .png) which we try to keep friendly for web-use.

You can check the activities of "Ergatiki Lesxi" in our website: (unfortunately it's in Greek only). The latest activity, planned for Saturday 21 November, is an antiwar/solidarity for the refugees rally and concert, which will take place in the central square of Nea Smyrni.

"Ergatiki Lesxi" of Nea Smyrni was the first of many similar initiatives that have been created in many other suburbs of Athens and some in other places in Greece and share the same name "Ergatiki Lesxi".

Last, but not least, we have a healthy, self-maintained with donations, fund that can help support your project.