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We have moved to Freelists after nearly 20 years on Yahoo Groups. As always, this list is intended for residents of the city of Efrat to connect and share information. A brief summary of list rules and what the list is for: * Share Knowledge - ask questions and answer your neighbors' questions. Answer privately, unless it is of general interest to the community. * Ask for and offer help. * Share concerns - but don't start or participate in a flame ware. * Sign your posts - no anonymous emails. * Use the subject line to clearly state your topic * Do not repost an entire article - send a link * No gossip, chain letters, or virus warnings. * Be a mentsch. Don't be vulgar, rough or suggestive. Don't be obnoxious, rude or intolerant. * Get to the point. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short. * Commercial ads. If you have a business in Efrat, or of interest to Efrat residents, feel free to let the list know. Just follow these rules: (1) Keep it short -- invite readers to write you or visit your website for more info. (2) No more than one ad per month. * No real estate ads (sale or rental). There are other lists for that purpose.

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