diy-let: Do-it-Yourself Liposomal Encapsulation Technology

This group will be a meeting place for those who wish to evolve Brooks Bradley's Do-It-Yourself process of Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET), throw out new ideas and to report results. It was Dr. Bradley that give us the profound illumination that one did not have to go through the laborious and complicated process of formulating drug carrying liposomes as it is commonly performed in a lab. He showed us that simply combining lecithin, water, and vitamin c together and then sonicating in a simple ultrasonic bath was enough to produce a valuable medicinal liposomal product. Eye-opening!

Liposomes, micelles and other nanoparticles seem to be the process of the future in prepping low bio-available drugs & herbs into more efficient delivery applications. A common laboratory recipe (thin film hydration) to make liposomes involves a lipid (i.e. lecithin) being dissolved in an organic solvent such as acetone or chloroform, the solvent is then evaporated leaving a thin lipid layer on the sides of a flask, and then an aqueous solution of the drug is added to this flask and sonicated in an ultrasonic bath. The sound waves displace the lipids from the flasks wall causing a self-assembly of liposomes entrapping the aqueous drug inside. Brooks has shown this can be done outside of the sophisticated laboratory setting by application of a common ultrasonic cleaner to sonicate simply mixed ingredients. Come join and lets make this more of a science and easy reality for everyone to employ, save money, and improve health!

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