dcitribaltta: Defending Childhood Tribal Grantee Community of Practice

This mailing list is intended for the use of the four Native American tribes awarded grants under the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Defending Childhood Tribal Initiative. The overarching goal of the Initiative is to promote the development of trauma-informed tribal juvenile justice systems that avoid re-traumatization, promote treatment and support rather than strictly punitive responses, engage families, and support individual and community resilience. Tribal grantees will use the list to communicate with one another and with the Defending Childhood Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center, headquartered at the University of Montana's National Native Children's Trauma Center. The list will support a cross-site Community of Practice, allowing participants to share questions, answers, advice, and lessons learned, all with the goal of improving outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Native children and youth who have experienced trauma and are involved in the juvenile justice system.