This is a list for people to find boyfriends and girlfriends, so they can have that someone special in their life! and the rules are as follows! 1. their will be absolutely no sexual remarks, or sexual harassment, on here, whatsoever! 2. if you know that a message is off topic? then don't post it! 3. their will be no bullying, or name calling, whatsoever! 4. each and everyone of you better read my rules, before joining. 5. Their will be no volgar language or drama and whining on here whatsoever! and no threatening, or derogratory remarks twards each other, whatsoever! 6 their will be no discussing pornography, or any sexual content, whatsoever. 7. if anyone disobeys my rules, one time, they are automaticly band from my list, with out a warning. 8. I am the head owner of this list, and I'm here to be friends with everybody on here, so you guys better be on your best behavior, and be appropriate. 9. and the final rule is, there'll be absolutely, no scamming on this list, whatsoever! and if your under the age of 18, than you cannot be on here, whatsoever. The golden rule is, you need to be 18 or older.

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