cyberheretic: Cyberheretic's Uncollected Works

This list is created to share some heretic ideas about technology and cyberworld. Heretic is a person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma, in this case the dogma of computer and communications technologies. Well, we are using technologies (therefore we are on this list), and generally we are professionals in this trade, but we do not fall for every technology buzzword or hype. We have our opinions and want to share them with others, to discuss whether some new technology is really going to bring quality to our life, or is it just a money-maker for a big company. Some example topics could be: Is Linux able to take over enterprise computing? Is bluetooth more dangerous than cell-phone? Is computer science strangled by computer marketing? Quite heretic thoughts, don't you think? But, remind - we do not discuss religion here!