cssp: Child Seat Safety Protocol

This is a list for making and receiving public announcements regarding the development of Child Seat Safety Protocol. Child Seat Safety Protocol (CSSP) will be an industry standard message format used to enhance safe usage of automotive child seats. The purpose of CSSP is to significantly reduce the number of children who perish in hot unattended vehicles when they are forgotten and left in child seats. CSSP will standardize the format of messages exchanged between automotive child seats, the vehicles in which the seats are installed, back-end web services, and smart phone applications. CSSP will be designed by a committee of automotive engineers, child seat engineers, communication engineers, pediatricians, and safety experts. Any CSSP-compliant child seat will be able to communicate with any CSSP-compliant automobile. A CSSP-compliant child seat will use a combination of weight detectors, motion detectors, microphones, video cameras, and artificial intelligence to determine if a child is present in the seat. The purpose of CSSP-compliant devices is to send out Child In Hot Car Alarms (CIHCAs). https://cssprotocol.wordpress.com/

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