csail-related: Related topics for current members and alumni of CSAIL

csail-related is a discussion list for former and current CSAIL members at the Computer Science and AI Lab at MIT. The list shall also serve as a communication platform for various other people who have had CSAIL accounts at some time in the past. Examples of discussion topics: - Social events in and around CSAIL - Stata Center related questions - I need a thingamabob for my whatsit. Do you happen to have one? - This is probably a naive question, but... - I have an apartment that you want to move into - I am in a new part of the worl d and looking for other ex-CSAILers to connect with - I have a job that you want to apply for - I am going to Six Flags. Wanna come? - weekly Girl Scout Benefit (GSB) announcements - volunteers needed for a tour somewhere - I am the Walk for Hunger. Support me. - I found this interesting news article - Discuss a random topic

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