crypto-practicum: Crypto Practicum Mailing List

A moderated mailing list for the purpose of designing secure systems -- and then breaking each other's designs.

We address hardcore cryptographic design and implementation, general design of systems, methods of achieving specific security goals or preventing specific kinds of breaches, to implementation of protocols and key management problems.

This is primarily a study group devoted to learning cryptographic and cryptanalytic techniques, improving our ability to write papers about them using standard semantic notations, and improving our cryptographic design abilities.

It is not likely (or at least not anytime soon) to result in proposals that see widespread adoption anywhere, but should at least educate the participants about the "simple" mistakes in cryptographic engineering that are so easy to make, without putting massive infrastructure at risk for the sake of our education.

The hoped-for result is that in the future, if and when we need to design and implement

security, including everything from fundamental building blocks to final integration, we should be able to design and implement it well.