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Learn how to make technology work for your landlord and real estate business. Emphasis on automation, useful gadgets, and web design.<br><br>Use PHP, mysql, and apache for a custom website. How to incorporate sound, graphics, movies, and 360 photos on your site. How to use PCs, PDA, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, and DV Recorders to your advantage. VOIP, internet fax, e-mail techniques to give your office a Fortune 500 look and feel. Intranet servers to keep track of internal documents, revision history, calendars, appointments, and client lists. How to incorporate ACH/EFT technology to automate collection. Discussion of advertising scripts and their usefulness.<br><br>I research new PHP server applications quite often and will provide links to demos of ones I find acceptable. I'll ask for reports of usefulness, efficiency, and ease of use.<br><br>In order to allow a single voice with clarity and direction this list will start out as an Announcement-Only list, with topic suggestions and ideas being made directly to the list owner. If and when appropriate we will migrate to a moderated discussion list and possibly an open discussion list.<br><br>This list is hosted by a technology focused organization--with this in mind we will stick to topics that are based on how to incorporate technology into your Real Estate business and speak off topic very sparingly if at all.

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