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**About Conversational AI Mailing List**

Conversational-AI mailing list stems from a transformation in how users interact with platforms. Conversational assistants in our homes, offices, transportation, online shopping, and other connected situations have caused a significant paradigm shift from traditional search and click search, especially among younger generations.

AI agents will soon arbitrate the majority of interactions between large corporations and their users. By bridging the gap between people and brands, WeChat, WhatsApp, Alexa, and Google Assistant are some of the unmistakable evidence of this paradigm change.

The Conversational-AI mailing list provides a central location where researchers, developers, product managers, and practitioners may communicate with each other about:

1) Discussions, debates, and the exchange of ideas

2) Announcements of upcoming activities, such as coding jams

3) Conversational AI Agents: Best Practices and Risks

This list is aimed at Conversational AI hackers, hence the objective is to pose questions that are primarily, if not entirely, connected to Conversational Agents. Please do not ask your assignment questions because it is not a homework assistance site. However, if you have a specific question about AI Agents, please do not hesitate to ask.


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