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The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a non-profit organization that is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The volunteers of CAP train for and coordinate search, rescue and security missions utilizing aircraft, ground teams and a wide array of electronic and technical equipment. Poor communications are almost always identified as one of the number one problems facing emergency managers and responders in search and rescue or disaster relief operations/exercises. Unskilled operators, lack of frequency coordination, failure to understand the inherent limitations of radio waves (whether they are transmitted from radios or cellphones) and inability to adapt or construct methods of overcoming those issues all add up to inhibit communications and often make proper command, control, and coordination difficult if not impossible. The North Florida Ranger School�s chosen tactic is to choose a training topic and then spend an entire training cycle thoroughly understanding and mastering that topic. In order to attempt to address some of these mentioned issues, the North Florida Ranger School has chosen Communications as their next topic and will meet at Fort McGee for communications training commencing at 0800hrs EST on 26 Mar 2007. Training will continue until 2100 hrs on 3 Jun 2007. It is hoped to repeat this class on a semi-regular basis.

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