codingmeetup: LiveCoding Meetups

Monthly meetings, hands on coding.

The goal of this mailing group is to better understand the technologies that we are using by actively engaging in live coding meetups every month.

To prepare for a meeting the steps below should be taken into consideration:

1. Write a list of things you would like to understand better.

2. Discuss with others if they are also interested in what you would like to learn

3. Prepare a short exercise (alone or as a group) in which you try to explain the concept to others (live coding).

4. Get feedback from others on what you understood well and where you still lack knowledge.

5. Revise and present at the next meeting.

Meeting structure:

* Up to 2 hours

* Each session:

* Prepare a getting started git repo

* Concept presentation max 10min

* Coding 30min

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