cmonback: The C'monback Group

This group uses modern technology as a form of support and communication for those who strive to live without alcohol. The use of this technology is invaluable in many ways. For some members it is impossible or impractical to gather with others. This medium provides a practical and innovative way to use cutting edge technology to effect a real change in lifestyle for those who are members. The General Service Office in New York is coming closer to accepting technology as a valid means of communication. We are on the cutting edge and serve as a model for many to use technology in new and innovative ways ... to lessen the distance between our many members who reside in the United States and many foreign countries as well. We advocate the use of computer technology, computerized literature and Programs as well, to creatively respond to the needs of everybody. This list will provide a forum for members developing software in this specialized area, and a cutting edge area for the creative use and application of technology to this area as well.