citizenpress: Citizen Press Revolution

This is the mailing list for members of the Citizen Press Revolution for discussion of the issues which center on media reform and the social and political issues connected to it. Here also can assistance in research be asked, article drafts be submitted for suggestions and feedback before being posted on the blog/zine.

Elaboration: for instance, in Japan, they are developing the means to broadcasts advertisements into people's cell phones. TVs can now be found in cars, restaurants, the DMV, dentist and doctor and clinical offices, ER rooms, school cafeterias, work cafeterias, downtown screens in places such as New York City, TVs are invading more and more phyiscal and mental space with us. Soon, advertisments will being podcasted. Billboards, brand names, Internet advertisements on almost every site you go to. Technology will soon be available where you can have portable TVs, DVD players, and music players all in one so that you can be constantly surrounded by digital entertainment. Is this profusement healthy and how is it effecting us? The nature and content and message of advertisements beamed into out minds from every angle is increasing with every advancement in technology. Is a Brave New World just around the corner? Is humanity's purpose and meaning of life simply commercialism, media-created culture, and consumption?

This is one area of focus among others that this list will deal with. The other side of technology is the communicative abilities of it. While six corportations control almost more than half of the media, information is becoming diluted, withdrawn, and washed over. One interest is the ability to use podcasting to be the new form of alternative, independent journalism. The Internet's abilties to provide independent media and journalism to more people on a low-budget is tremendous. There will be ideas of how to further use technology to drive reform of the media itself.

Technology and its relation to our future, politics, social, mental, and environmental consequences will be one of several topics. The all encompassing topic will be that of media reform and also discussing issues and events that is being ignored or belitted by the mainstream media.