cfas: Conversation, Fun, And Support

Hello there!

This is a list for friendly conversation/interaction that includes and goes way beyond superficial fluffy small talk, without spiralling down into all out angst or drama in a supportive environment.

Got something you're pumped about? Post. Got something weighing on your mind? Post. Do you have recordings of yourself singing or playing an instrument? How about stories you've written? Post. We also have a cyber-dart board for when you're wanting to vent frustration/anger. It's okay to be emotional in here.

Things to keep in mind:

1. You might have noticed when looking around this listserv that there seem to be a lot of "blind"/"disabilities" groups, "Blind Friends" "Blind Cafe" etc. or that have something to do with disability in their descriptions.

Other than pointing out this observation, this group is definitely not one of those. It is not necessary to introduce yourself as either sighted or blind, because it simply doesn't matter in here. As long as this is the friendly place you are looking for and you are not a trouble-maker, you are welcome here, sighted or blind, curmudgeon or elf, etc. :)

2. Do not pick fights with other members. (Pillow and water gun play-fights don't count.).

3. Please don't dwell on stuff that will make other members feel rotten over things they either don't want to revisit, or are heartsick and helpless to do anything about, like who had the worst childhood, or posting articles about Person A got wronged by Person B or entity C because disability... Once in a while, subjects like that are going to be touched on; as a normal part of conversation. But near habitual posts like that are distressing and dwelling on the worst only makes people feel awful and drags the whole list down.

This certainly doesn't mean you should never mention the past, it's going to come up in conversations that make people remember good and bad things, which is just fine We all like to share memories, and that is how any conversation flows.

But there is a big difference between that and going "When I was a kid I was kicked around, nobody loved me, everybody told me they hated me" etc. etc.

We have more than our share of personal concerns in the present that we need support for without dwelling on the worst aspects of the distant past which can't be changed, or gloomy reports designed to provoke shock and overall bad feelings.

4. No political/religious debates, or memes, unless you want to mangle the memes. (trounce/rant about/back at them). Memes are a big internet annoyance, so the subject of them will probably turn up from time to time.

5. Please refrain from too many "inspirational" or other quotes. Once in a long while, and when it actually fits into a message you're trying to convey is fine, but it is you we want to hear from, not someone else and their words, no matter how awesome you think they are. Quotes that are longer than your actual posts clutter up the inbox and archives with stuff already posted elsewhere on the net

Thank you, now come on in!