bugeyes: Blind User Group (BUG Eyes) blind and low vision computer users in the MD area.

Are you, or someone you know, interested in becoming involved with a peer support organization for blind and low vision computer users of all skill levels in the Maryland area? This group has been created to foster the growth of a strong and supportive network of access technology consultants, educators and computer users.

Are you motivated by the need to learn and a desire to share your specialized knowledge of computers? blind and low vision computer users in Maryland need a computer support service. The group's mission will be to disseminate and exchange information about computer hardware, software, access technologies, and relevant supplemental information of a less technical nature.

This group will provide a forum where questions can be asked about specific access hardware, software, and adaptive equipment in general, and information regarding such topics can be freely shared and considered. Members will have the chance to offer presentations on their particular areas of expertise. We also hope to have local and national computer vendors frequently present live demonstrations of relevant products and services. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced computer user, we believe you will find the group very interesting and educational, and you are sure to meet others who will help out with any computer-related problems you may be having!

We are dedicated to advancing access by low vision and blind persons to the world of computer applications.


1. Exchange information and advice among blind and low vision computer users.

2. Expand computer literacy within the blind and low vision community--especially the use of computers to overcome limitations.

3. Encourage employment advancement through networking and peer support.