This New York Islanders mailing list features die hard Long Island-based fans and a loyal contingent of Canadian and international Islanders fans. This group is public, and anyone may join. However, you must abide by the brokenstick rules of play.


--1. Arguing is allowed; personal attacks on other members is not.

--2. No berating other lists or other list members.

--3. Posts that are not about the Isles (or at least hockey) are deemed off-topic, but may be posted if clearly identified (NIRM, FIRM, SIRM) in the subject line.

--4. Don't CC a list member if sending messages to the list to avoid members receiving the same message twice.

--5. Any behavior deemed combative or unwelcoming to other members may lead to moderation or a removal from the list.

1-NIRM = No Islanders-Related Material

2-SIRM = Some Islanders-Related Material

3-FIRM = Former Islander-Related Material

Playing with a broken stick in most leagues is a penalty. Get another stick! But don't throw away the old one; there is still value in a broken stick.

Take care, take risks, game on!

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