blindtech: Blind Tech, this list is for the blind and visually impaired

Hello! my name is Bob Edenhofer, and I'm the new proud owner, and creater of the blind tech list, this list has been abanded, by it's previous owner, and now it's coming back to life. This list, is for the purpose of talking about anything related to blindness, so if you know that a message is off topic? Then don't post it! and you know the golden rule! do not post a message, saying that you don't know, when someone has a question, because it'll clutter my list, with unnecessary traffic. And their will be absolutely no advertizing, and the last final rules are, no stupidity, or bullying, and no whining, or drama either! and the rule is, if you can subscribe? then you can unsubscribe, as well! if anyone breaks any of my rules, then you'll be automaticly, kicked off of my list. I have 3 mailing lists, on, and this will be my fourth one. And if you have any issues, take them up with me? the list owner, or my moderators. And if you guys have an issue with one another, outside of my lists? Do not! I repeat! do not! bring your dirty laundry, on any of my mailing lists, or you'll be automaticly, removed! no questions asked! so be fore you join, I expect you's to read my rules and regulations, that are set fourth on my list.

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