blindcomp: Blind Computing (assistive technology discussion)

We discuss anything that has to deal with assistive technology, for example, computers, mobile devices and/or Braille note takers for the blind. This mailing list is based off of my own Facebook lined computing group, in the hope that we can extend this group to a wider audience. We do understand that not everyone has a Facebook, and occasionally Facebook can be blocked in certain countries, so hopefully with this email mailing list, we can help those who don't have Facebook. With this email mailing list, and with the Facebook Group, my goal is to help other people with Technology tasks, as well as discuss new technology and to make suggestions about how Technology for the blind, in general, can be improved. For the Facebook Group , as well as this mailing list, we support any operating system that has good quality Accessibility products, either as separate packages or built-in to the OS, such as Windows, Mac , Ubuntu and iOS. We also support braille note takers and assistive device is for the blind, for example talking accessible good quality GPS system for the blind, braille sense note taker, Victor reader stream book player and other book players and braille note takers devices. This even includes cameras that read to the Blind user what is on paper , virtually any technology that is accessible and that helps the blind is supported here.

Here are the rules for this mailing list.

One. You must follow all guidelines of this mailing list.

Two. Email attachments are allowed, as long as they don't exceed 5 MB in length. If you believe a file does exceed 5 MB in length, you can always save your file to a service called dropbox, and share the link via dropbox instead of sending an attachment. Attachments must be on topic as well.

Three. Computer hacking, virus programming, and/or adware, malware, and harmful suspicious activities, is not allowed in this group whatsoever. You may not ask such questions such as, how do I make a virus? Any such user will be removed from the mailing list immediately. I will allow, however, instructions on how to remove such harmful programs from your computer and what steps you can take to remove them, because it is important for any user to stay safe and secure on the Internet, including how to remove infected software or malicious programs.

Four. By subscribing, asking questions on, or Accessing this mailing list, you agree that some advice may not be true and accurate. It is best for you to search first on the Internet, and even then, you may still not get The answer you're looking for.

Five. You may not advertise any assistive technology products that you are selling. You understand that this mailing list may not be used for marketing purposes what so ever. Any attempt to sell a product or an and assistive technology item will not be allowed.

Six. Please keep all emails you send to the mailing list somewhat formal. This means, please, if possible, type in punctuation marks when necessary. If using The dictation functionality on iOS, you can speak the punctuation mark and it will be entered for you. We do understand that people from other countries my not know the English language very well. In those situations, please do try your best to speak English, if you don't know English at all you can use a translator such as Google translate, but please be aware that the English translations may not be accurate and that you may not understand what the person is trying to say very well. Also, please specify that you were using a translator. You don't have to specify google translate or Bing translate if you don't want to, but if you are using a translator to translate from your native language to English, make sure that you please specify that you're using one, either tour the top or bottom of the email.

Thank you. The creator of this mailing list is Lawrence, and he is the main moderator of this group. Other moderators may be added in case I lose access.

Thank you.

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