baergis: BAER Geographic Information Systems

An information service for Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing specialists working on or with Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER)Teams. Discussions will include technical issues related to ESRI ARCGIS, ERDAS Imagine, and other appropriate software.

Burned watershed runoff modeling will also be addressed at times by this list. This modeling will be performed by HEC, the USFS WEPP system and algorithms developed around the Revised Universal Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSL).

Some data products used by this software will be global positioning system coordinates, elevation models developed by traditional computer cartographic methods as well as synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Some fire rehabilitation research pertaining to burn severity effects on vegetation will be conducted in coordination with the US Geological Survey, US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, EROS Data Center, SAIC, and other contractors.

This list will be a key coordination tool for specialists dispatched to the field. They will keep one another informed of availability for assignments, notify one another of technical web pages of interest, and appropriate Visual Basic extensions for accomplishing the fast-paced, cartography-centric task of producing a burned area emergency rehabilitation plan. Key examples of this planning can be found on the web for the Cerro Grande, 24 Command, Missionary Ridge, and Rodeo-Chediski fires.

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