astroparis: LOx feed system for hybrid rocket

I have a project to design, build, and test the fluid feed system for a liquid oxygen hybrid rocket engine able to deliver up to 1000N of thrust. This project will focus on design build and test a simple LOX feed system including valves and propellant / pressurant containers (tanks), that can be tested.

Is there any sort of guideline you can help me with in the designing this system?

Anything from safety to designing

any tips at all?

kindest thanks


Rocket specification

�h 20cm diameter

�h 15kg dry mass budget

�h Max. Combustion pressure 50Bar

�h Max estimated thrust: 1000N

�h Quantity of LOx oxidiser: Minimum 3 litres. Maximum 10 litres.

�h Proof Pressure testing of all fluid components to 1.5�� maximum working pressure for safety.

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