apss-info: AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan - Information

At present (2015)Saskatchewan has a HIV infection rate above the national average rate of infection in Canada. AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan (APSS) provides services and programs to people infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, or people who are at risk of becoming infected with one of these viruses, and/or family members of such people. The area of service includes southern Saskatchewan communities. Target audiences include people belonging to one of these groups: aboriginal, youth, injection drug users, LGBT / Queer community, and new Canadians.

APSS provides a number of services and programs including education and outreach targeting these groups particularly.

The purpose of this list is to provide information to subscribers about:

- APSS programs, services, and events

- APSS special projects and initiatives currently underway

- provide information and resources for specialized audiences such as teachers and other community organizations to aid them in conducting their work, relative to HIV / Hep C infection, and more generally sexual health.