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Apps Devices Technology Discousion and Knowldge . APP Tech make much knowledge improvement about the New App devices technology . We think that Apps Devices should have much care as example ' Heart rate monitoring app device regarding it's improved technology to track the heart performance also it's very amazing as accessorie device like watches . Beside that it have agood health benfit espicially if there is heart disease like Hypertension .My Main Goal Is to improve Health Knowldge And Benifit's of Apps Technology . i think Freelist Is the best choice to Improve Knowldge About this Health Benefits of this Devices . THer Are many Other Apps Like Temperature Monitor also Qxygen Level , More and More they May reach 100 applications in diffearent Health Problems like Diabetes and Hypertension , Tachcardia , Dizzenes , Arthymia ..... . If we take Hypertension As example ther are about 100 million patient or more around the world beside other cases wich these Apps Devices Can Help in There case .if ther is agood tracking of patient case throught mesauring Blood pressure by this Apps this will be very effective to Manage ther case espicially if there is drug managment so ther will be compareson between drug effect and Blood pressure record throught all the day , But this can only happen if ther is agood knowldge about this Apps Technology , Many people go for Hospital to check ther Blood Pressure for maximum one time every couple of days wich result in miss recording to the drug effect or Blood Pressure Level in all the day , thats why these list provide much more knoldge about this devices Programing , Health Benefit , Types , Records Review , Health tips and monitoring , Health Managment . the Greet advantage here is that Health managment according to real tracking Devices . Also Health topics will be provided with Apps Devices Health Management .About the LIst Writer Dr. SaedJob : Pharmacist

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