The Anne Sullivan Centre (ASC) is a not for profit organisation, supporting individuals who are deafblind across Ireland. In 2016/2017, the ASC set up Advocacy Working Groups in Dublin and Cork for people who are deafblind and their family members. The purpose of these groups is twofold: a) provide people with an opportunity to socialize with and get to know other people who are deafblind in Ireland, therefore increasing the social supports available to people and b)for members of the group to work together on small scale projects to raise awareness of the condition of deafblindness, to self-advocate and to advocate on behalf of the wider group of people who are deafblind.

The list set up through is essentially a forum for members of Anne Sullivan Centre Advocacy Working Groups to share information, work together on projects and connect between meetings, as meetings occur only four times per year in Cork and Dublin.

Currently there are 8 members in the Dublin group and 12 members in the cork group.