akakraft-l: Akakraft e.V.

Akademische Gruppe fuer Kraftfahrwesen an der Leibniz Universitaet Hannover e.V. - seit 1925 unterwegs in Sachen Ausbildung!

Academic Group for motorised mobility at the Leibniz University Hanover - Educating students since 1925!

We are about 75 members, trying to practically use the theoretical knowledge received at the classes.

Most of us are students of engineering, but some are from different classes.

You can have a look at our activities at https://www.akakraft.de !

Last big thing:

We are offering a special class with students as volunteer-teachers for women and girls who want to learn about engines and gearboxes and repairing vehicles in this month. This class was already a great success in 2014, we also won a prize for this.

This Mailinglist is the backbone of our community-communication, because e-mail is running on all devices and is independent from frameworks like FB or Myspace or google groups.