ai4ed-sig-eatel: Artificial Intelligence for Education - Special Interest Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all its varieties, approaches, and application areas is one of the general IT megatrends of our time. It’s uptake in education is (compared to its use in other fields) still sparse and initial. There is no clear coordination of activities related to AI in education and there are no clear paths to follow for educators.

At the same time, the interest raised and the expectations towards the utilisation of AI in education are increasing.

A large number of approaches towards using AI in education exist already, however, they usually stem from isolated areas and are not well connected with each other. These approaches cover e.g.: learning analytics, multimodal learning experiences, educational recommender systems, intelligent tutoring systems etc.

At the same time, Core AI research also delivers and develops approaches that go beyond those currently applied to education, such as, for e.g.: strategic problem solvers, generative AIs, optimisation approaches, planning approaches. Upcoming and current AI research directions towards ethical AI and explainable AI further pave the way for the use of AI in education.

The SIG aims to bridge these interdependent research groups by bringing together researchers from both sides, AI and education to explore ways for both perspectives to work together, to exchange knowledge and experiences, to align activities, and to work towards common strategies.