ai-lab: CSAIL related topics for current members and alumni of the lab

ai-lab is a discussion list for former and current CSAIL members at the Computer Science and AI Lab at MIT (but it is not administered by, nor affiliated with, MIT). The list was former called and has been moved in September 2020 to the server.

This mailing list shall also serve as a communication platform for any people who have had CSAIL accounts at some time in the past. Examples of discussion topics:

- Discuss a random topic;

- Social events in, around, or related to CSAIL;

- Stata Center related questions;

- I need a thingamabob for my whatsit. Do you happen to have one?;

- This is probably a naive question, but...;

- I have an apartment that you want to move into;

- I am in a new part of the world and looking for other ex-CSAILers to connect with - I have a job that you want to apply for ;

- I am going to Six Flags. Wanna come? ;

- weekly Girl Scout Benefit (GSB) announcements ;

- volunteers needed for a tour somewhere ;

- I am the Walk for Hunger. Support me. ;

- I found this interesting news article ;