afsai: AfSAI Mailing List

1. Name. African Scholars Association Ireland (hereinafter “AfSAI”.)

2. Vision. To become the platform for African Scholars in Ireland to contribute to Global Transformations

3. Mission. To promote the contribution and visibility of African Scholars inn Ireland by providing support to seek and identify opportunities for growth.

4. Values. Dignity, Integrity, Transparency, Diversity and Inclusion

5. Objectives.

o Foster cooperation between African scholars

o Create and develop opportunities for African scholars

o Drive research responding to contemporary issues affecting Africa and Africans.

o Collaboration /network with diverse groups

o Information sharing

o Career development and growth of African scholars in Ireland

o Organising colloquium

o To promote and support the establishment of an Institute/Centre of African studies

- stimulating research for African development among individuals in the different educational fields;

- advising the appropriate bodies on the coordination of African development programmes throughout Ireland in order to preclude unnecessary duplication and waste of resources;

- fostering cooperation between Irish and African universities, colleges, high schools, and other public and private institutions;

- exploring the desirability of encouraging programmes in the field of international development relating to African countries;

- Organising conferences, conversations, workshops, seminars, and other forms of scholarly interchange.