administrating-your-public-servants: Administrating Your Public Servants

This group is about administrating our public servants to put them in the position of being held to their oath of office. According to the courts, "we the people" have all of the rights of the King, and the ONLY authority held by the government was "delegated" by "we the people", therefore "we the people" are a nation of Kings and Queens. But because of our own ignorance of the law, we have become involved in what the courts view to be contracts, and have given up our sovereignty. Because the government is bankrupt, they have a duty to help their owners (international bankster thieves) recoup their losses, the government has made laws which really do not apply to anybody, but if we become involved in them, the courts view them to be contracts (we are supposed to know the law). Also, everything is under martial law and has been for decades, and martial law is based on "presumption" therefore because there are so many sheeple out there who are so completely clueless about how the law really works, our public servants automatically presume that we are one of the sheeple, until we defeat their presumptions. The best way to defeat any presumption is to defeat it long before they ever see you, or are dealing with you. Because of this procedure the owner of this group was visited by the FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety in March of 2011, and at that time he was told that he is listed as "sovereign" in their system.

This group is about how he did this, and also how anybody can do this.