adelindie: Adelindie - Adelaides Game Developer Community

Adelindie has been formed to promote, assist and develop members' game development knowledge & skills.

Community objectives:

- Provide organisational support to indie devvers wanting to create a game. e.g. a place to advertise/share/grow a game creation group.

- Provide a place where all levels of indies, from newbies, hobbyists and professionals, have an equal opportunity to learn and grow.

- Provide leadership/mentoring both technical and otherwise for ppl wanting to join the industry or be involved in the above.

- Lobby government and publishers on issues affecting the Adelaide game development scene.

- Provide a place for ppl to arrange meetups (social and more structured showcase style events (code-jams etc)).

- Create a networking list, which people can access to contact potential contributors to indie (and commercial) projects.

- Provide a place for gamers to organise lans & discuss games.

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