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The history of the group started on a rainy September morning in 1964,when those post-elementary school kids, accompanied by their parents, gathered at the meeting hall of Kadiköy Maarif Koleji (an English-medium school giving secondary and high-school education)in Istanbul, Turkey. None of them then knew that they would one day become the precious pillars over which a huge tower of friendship was to rise.

And that is exactly what has happened..

Today,after nearly four decades, those little kids , who have been strolling along different paths of professional life since their graduation from that school (1971), have one single path in common.. It is the path along which they started walking together on that rainy September morning, and which none of them have thought of leaving ever since - except for those few friends who unfortunately and inevitably had to yield to that bitter Law of Nature at some point along the path.

Today, each group gathering is a well-planned, masterfully organized event that may take place in a member's residence, garden or country house, at a summer or winter resort, or on a cruise or at a yacht race.

To these gatherings, members' children, most of whom are in their late teens now, also attend. Thus, while they, with their youthful joy and energy, contribute to the laughter and amusement, which are the most essential components of the gatherings, they also enjoy the feeling of establishing warm friendships with their parents' old friends and learning from them in a happy context.

With the pleasure and contentment of having accomplished such a mission, the group members are determined to further support this tower of warm, sincere friendships and to proceed along that historic path, hand in hand, until the

day the last member is to make his/her departure from this world.

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