Sample text file contents

Having trouble deciding what to put in the text files that are sent to your users automatically? The idea is that you want to include as much information as possible and still be concise about what you're trying to say. Anyway, here are some samples from the freelists-users mailing list:


Welcome to FreeLists-Users! You have been subscribed automatically since you have requested a list at FreeLists. If you believe this to be erroneous, please notify

This list is designed specifically to support FreeLists list owners. You can mail in your questions about how to configure your list to do certain things, write in about something not working how you expected it, etc.

Announcements go to this list about changes in service or new features. It's important, as a FreeLists owner, to be a member of this list. However, if you'd rather not be subscribed, feel free to unsubscribe through the web interface, or by sending email to the following address:

with 'unsubscribe' in the Subject line.

Comments/questions go to the moderator,


The FreeLists Users list is a support list for owners of mailing lists at FreeLists.



You have tried to subscribe to the FreeLists-users mailing list. However, this list is only open to FreeLists list owners. If you'd like to start up a mailing list with us, please see

Thank you, FreeLists Staff


The FreeLists-Users mailing list
Administrative contact: