Welcome to the Inclusion Listserv!

Discussions dedicated to sharing and discovering solutions for educating children with disabilities in general education classes. How to use technology, adaptations and modifications to make general education classrooms accessible to all children.

Acceptable Posts 
(Inclusion Topics Only)
Unacceptable Posts 
(Deleted and Not Distributed)
  • Inclusive education questions
    • How to's?
    • Inclusion help or information wanted
    • Where to get more info on inclusion
  • Interesting or useful tips and suggestions
  • Opinions & comments on creating inclusion
  • Adaptations and Modifications
  • Technology to make inclusion successful
  • Making classrooms accessible
  • Identifying barriers to overcome
  • Supports and services for success
  • Please use "people first language"
  • Related services, MAPS, PATH, Circle of Friends
  • ANY topic not related to inclusive education
  • Advertisements
    • Spam detection is active
  • Inappropriate material or language
  • Debates about appropriateness of inclusion
  • Discussions leading away from general ed
  • Portraying negative stereotypes or myths
  • Not using people first language
  • Misperceptions of people with disabilities
  • Flaming - insulting other users
  • HTML coding (only plain text is accepted)
  • Attachments to postings
  • Side discussions not involving the group
This listserv is for:
  • parents of children with disabilities included in regular education 
  • parents attempting to gain inclusion for their children
  • teachers, therapists & professionals working directly with children who are included
  • people with experience or knowledge about inclusion
  • people seeking to gain knowledge and experience to create inclusion
  • people who are open minded and solution oriented
  • others who seek an understanding about what inclusion is and how to create it

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For the purpose of this group, "Inclusive Education for ALL Children" is the only goal! All posts must pertain to questions, comments, ideas or solutions to create inclusive education. It is acceptable to posts comments about barriers for the purpose of discovering or brain storming for solutions. However, debating about whether inclusion is or isn't appropriate for any child is NOT acceptable and will not be distributed.

This is a private listserv dedicated ONLY to creating successful inclusive education. Subscribers must accept the terms of the group to be approved as members. Although postings of other information about disability issues may be of importance, all posts to this listserve must ONLY be about inclusive education.

This is a moderated listserv which means every post is sent to a list moderator first for approval. People who are not subscribed can not post. No one can view the archives unless they are approved members of the group who are provided a password. Archives can NOT be viewed by the public. All email address stripped from the messages.

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