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Bunsenrunde - es kann nur eine geben!

We are a group of mostly electro-technic students. We're working in the embedded area with a focus on men-machine-interfaces and try to set-up intuitive interfaces on Windows based systems. We want to use the mailing list as a base of our project related communication and to make sure that technical documentation, thoughts and ideas distributed by eMail always gets to all members of our group.

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Chautauqua Cyber Club, Inc.

This is a computer user group dedicated to providing technical learning opportunities and computer literacy classes for members and the public. We have a volunteer staff who provide onhand technical instruction on computer hardware repair and software applications. A computer lab with six repair stations are used. The user group teaches three classes monthly that are at the basic and intermediate level. A listserv is maintained to provide a help desk environment for subscribers to post problems and receive technical assistance. This information is shared with all subscribers. A monthly newsletter is published that includes frequent technical book, hardward, and software reviews from time to time. This newsletter is distributed to members and the public thorugh the county library system and local repair shops and Internet providers.

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