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Making Windows Easy

Making Windows Easy is a list for support, sharing experiences and tips and tricks to make Windows easy. Although setup as a companion to the "Making Windows 10 Easy" series of books by 22 Point (see all are welcome to this list.

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UHS Windows 7 Planning

For development and implementation of Windows 7 at UHS

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Blind Professionals in the Field of IT

A place where IT professionals whom are blind can come together to discuss topics, express concerns, and exchange tips relating to the field of Information Technology. Example items of interest might include, but are certainly not limited to the following: Accessibility issues surrounding the administration of 64 bit Windows servers. Reviews of backup, antispam, antivirus solutions, which of these are accessible, which are not. Methodologies for deploying various flavors of the Windows operating system independently, such as unattended installs. Other general tips and tricks related to network administration.

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Newsletter for Gena01.COM, a guide to a collection of software utilities and "Personal Picks" of various Freeware applications.

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MS-DOS fangroup

People who still like DOS can join up here!

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windows 2000

Windows 2000 security , set up. The Network is the top dog here! W2K Pro, SRV.

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This list is bassed on things on windows. Anything from how to use recovery or questions about website stuff. Basicly anything to do with windows. how ever I will not include anything about torranting and cracking programs and other things.

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Weather Depot

Weather Depot is a stand alone application for your desktop. If you like TV-quality images and precise weather forecasts - you will love Weather Depot. Additional features include severe weather and personal alerts and scrolling weather ticker. Check it out at When new information about Weather Depot becomes available, we will post it here first.

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This list is for the Discussion of Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 .Net bugs, issues, problems, helps and hints.

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Texas assistive technology trainers

discussion group for trainers of blind computer users

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An invitation-only discussion group for Windows users.

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Windows Home Server

This is a mailing list to discuss all aspects of Microsoft's Windows Home Server. All concerns are welcome ranging from home grown installations toout of the box ready to run OEM installations. Topics may also include hardware and software related to use in a home or home office environment. Windows Home Server is a powerful new product and this is the place to talk about it.

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Exchange 2000 related

Anything and everything about Microsoft Exchange 2K

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12noon Newsletter

12noon is my company that publishes shareware and freeware. I use the 12noon newsletter to notify subscribers there are new releases. I send out roughly one newsletter per month. I currently use DadaMail, but it takes more time to maintain than I spend actually using it.

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Citrix Presentation Server

Anything under Citrix Presentation Server discussion

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