Support, development, tips, general discussion

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Discussion group for WDM audio driver developers. This group is focused on the development of WDM drivers for audio devices under Microsoft Windows. For a driver developer who wants to understand how WDM audio drivers are working, this is the right place to look. But also audio application programmers, audio hardware developers, etc. can find important information.

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Discussion of Citrix Products, XenServer, Xendesktop, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Virtualization, VMWare, Thin Clients, Softgrid, Server Based Computing .Net and Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 Terminal Services. VDI XP Remote assistance, Remote desktop Protocol, ICA & RDP Protocol .

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isalist – active email discussion list dedicated to topics concerning ISA Server 2006, 2004 and 2000. Issues discussed include ISA Server Firewall, Cache, Proxy and others

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Exchangelist - active email discussion list dedicated to topics concerning Microsoft Exchange Server. Issues discussed include Microsoft Exchange Server 12, 2003, 2000, 5.5 as well as related security matters

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Discussion for all Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 and beyond issues. Active Directory Virtualization Networking and more.

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NVDA for Windows 10

A list to discuss usability and development issues using Windows 10 with NVDA, geared towards advanced users developers

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This list is devoted to Nigerian users of software products and solutions sold by Niche Konsult Limited

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People who llike to drive their vintage car and share technical information about restoring the cars

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Lista de correo oficial para Microsoft Student Tech Club UCA

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SISW Summer School 2015 - UDP server project

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Mind2Biz ResourceTrack

Tips and tricks about usage of Mind2Biz ResourceTrack application.

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Windows 2000 General Discussion and Troubleshooting

This list is open discussion regarding anything related to Microsoft Windows 2000, and sometimes not even that. Just about anything technology related is allowed.

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Die erste deutschsprachige "Active Directory" Mailingliste

This is the first german-language discussion group for the umbrella term "Active Directory" and related topics. The umbrella term "Active Directory" includes the following technologies: AD DS (AD Domain Services), AD LDS (AD Lightweight Directory Services, formerly ADAM), AD FS (AD Federation Services), AD RMS (Rights Management Services AD). Related topics are common issues and problems in the "Windows Server" area with all infrastructure services such as DNS and GPO. Das ist die erste deutschsprachige Diskussionsgruppe zu dem Dachbegriff "Active Directory" und den verwandten Themen. Unter dem Dachbegriff "Active Directory" fallen die Technologien: AD DS (AD Domain Services), AD LDS (AD Lightweight Directory Services, ehemals ADAM), AD FS (AD Federation Services), AD RMS (AD Rights Management Services). Verwandte Themen sind allgemeine Fragen bzw. Probleme im "Windows Server" Bereich mit allen Infrastrukturdiensten wie z.B. DNS und GPO.

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This list is closed and has beeen moved over to list.

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This list is now closed and subscriptions to it should be done at at the following Link: It remains here for archival purposes only. A distribution only list that sends out informational articles and press releases on CITRIX, Thin Client Computing, Server Based Computing and Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.

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Windows Vista

Discussion about the new version of Windows Vista formerly named Longhorn Server.

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Discussion and support for Microsoft Windows XP products.

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MS-DOS fangroup

People who still like DOS can join up here!

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NotesTree application updates

NotesTree us a Windows program to keep all your data structured in a tree. It embeds itself into system tray for quick access to current notes. This list notifies about new versions of this software.

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Windows Azure Boot Camp Trainers

This is a list to discuss the material and technical needs for the trainers that volunteer to hold Windows Azure Boot Camps.

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Document delivery through Windows and Exchange

Topics involving Windows document delivery, including Windows fax connectors, sending documents through Exchange, automated workflow, faxing from Outlook and from MFP devices.

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GPOGUY.COM Group Policy Talk

This list is for asking (and answering) questions about Windows Group Policy and was started by the folks at

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flo's freeware

Announcements of updates on, including new releases of Notepad2. Minor changes like updates to the web-site or the FAQs etc. are not posted. Very low traffic.

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Windows Special Interest Group

Members of the KEGS special interest group are informed of SIG meeting times and agendas via this list and share ideas regarding the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Babya Software Group

This is the offical list for Babya Software Group, which develops Windows software.Also this is tthe mailin list for the revived alvinos-now project

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Blind Professionals in information Technology

The goal of this list is to serve as a place where blind IT professionals can come together to discuss topics, express concerns, and exchange tips relating to the field of Information Technology.

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This list is bassed on things on windows. Anything from how to use recovery or questions about website stuff. Basicly anything to do with windows. how ever I will not include anything about torranting and cracking programs and other things.

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die deutsche Diskussionsgruppe zu Windows Server - Gruppenrichtlinien

The German discussion group for Windows Server - Group Policy related topics and products. We discuss news, problems and features. Die deutsche Diskussionsgruppe zu Windows Server - Gruppenrichtlinien und verwandten Produkten. Wir sprechen hier über Neuigkeiten, Probleme und Features rund um Gruppenrichtlinien.

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Vivanco I.T. Support Mailing List

Welcome to Vivanco UK I.T. Support mailing list where you can obtain support for all your I.T. issues.

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flash2be list for tools and shell scripting. related to powerpro, quickmacros, strokeit and gui4cli.

ListRank: 8ListRank: 8 Windows Support

Discuss tech issues with Windows

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cobra screen reader

Here we can talk about the cobra screen reader from baum.

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MSXFAQ Newsletter

This list has been disabled by its owner.

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ServUSolo it's a project for a server where we want to form a group so that we can work on this project together. The program will be written in C++ and we want to have 100.000 simultaneously clients connected.

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A list to discuss Hyper-V Microsoft Virtual Server and Microsoft Virtual Machine VMWare Workstation and VMware ESX Citrix XenServer Citrix Xendesktop Softgrid System Center Virtual Machine Manager

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Wintips and Tricks

Vic's Windows tips and tricks - all versions. Note - this is the newsletter version of my Wintips&Tricks support group at yahoo. Select tips from that groups archives - beginning with November 2000 will be included. Each issue will focus on one tip or subject.Everyone welcome.

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Registry Answers

Questions and answers relating to the Windows Registry. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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Mailing list for the CAM

This list y for academic purposes, is for disclose everything on technologies of Microsoft in special on .NET Platafform

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Austrian Windows User Group

Diese Mailingliste dient als Kommunikationsplatform rund um Problemen und Lösungen zur Windows Desktop/Server/Mobile Plattform. --------- This mailing list is targeted for austrian IT professionals about the Windows platform. German language will be used.

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Saskatoon IT Pro Users Group

The Saskatoon IT Pro Users Group welcomes anyone to join including IT Pros, Students and Enthusiasts. Our topics will generally be around Windows operating systems and applications that run or interact with them as well as all things computer related.

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Small Business Server

Information and discussion about MS Small Business Server installations, configurations, best practices, etc.

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Mailing list for course 9356.7 John Bryce in Jerusalem. We are going to use the list to distribute homework assignments for the purpose of learning computer programming.

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This list discusses database issues and aims at exchannging expereience in this field.

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Oracle databases issues and migration for Citrix datastores.

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Making Windows Easy

Making Windows Easy is a list for support, sharing experiences and tips and tricks to make Windows easy. Although setup as a companion to the "Making Windows 10 Easy" series of books by 22 Point (see all are welcome to this list.

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Newsletter for Gena01.COM, a guide to a collection of software utilities and "Personal Picks" of various Freeware applications.

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Welcome to the Clockwork-accessibility group. Here, you will have an oppertunity to discuss the Clockwork Enterprise software from Technopro Solutions. Specifically, this discussion group will focuss on how well Clockwork works with software wich is designed to make computer systems accessible for those with Special Needs, such as: JAWS, Window-eyes, Zoomtext , iZoom, Magic Dragon, Texthelp and Claro software.

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To discuss the J-Vist software for visually impaired people. J-Vist allows visually impaired people to use the Windows Vista Speech Recognition utility within Windows Vista to talk to the computer, with J-Vist providing spoken output of dictated text. The list is a vehicle by which visually impaired people can share their experiences and knowledge among themselves with advice also given by the software developers when appropriate.

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This list is for the Discussion of Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 .Net bugs, issues, problems, helps and hints.

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FTP Explorer Mailing List

This mailing list is for information related to the FTP Explorer ftp client application for Windows.

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