Support, development, tips, general discussion

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NVDA for Windows 10

A list to discuss usability and development issues using Windows 10 with NVDA, geared towards advanced users developers

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Lista de correo oficial para Microsoft Student Tech Club UCA

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SISW Summer School 2015 - UDP server project

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People who llike to drive their vintage car and share technical information about restoring the cars

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This list is devoted to Nigerian users of software products and solutions sold by Niche Konsult Limited

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Discussion group for WDM audio driver developers. This group is focused on the development of WDM drivers for audio devices under Microsoft Windows. For a driver developer who wants to understand how WDM audio drivers are working, this is the right place to look. But also audio application programmers, audio hardware developers, etc. can find important information.

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Mind2Biz ResourceTrack

Tips and tricks about usage of Mind2Biz ResourceTrack application.

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Document delivery through Windows and Exchange

Topics involving Windows document delivery, including Windows fax connectors, sending documents through Exchange, automated workflow, faxing from Outlook and from MFP devices.

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NotesTree application updates

NotesTree us a Windows program to keep all your data structured in a tree. It embeds itself into system tray for quick access to current notes. This list notifies about new versions of this software.

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Babya Software Group

This is the offical list for Babya Software Group, which develops Windows software.Also this is tthe mailin list for the revived alvinos-now project

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Discussion of Citrix Products, XenServer, Xendesktop, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Virtualization, VMWare, Thin Clients, Softgrid, Server Based Computing .Net and Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 Terminal Services. VDI XP Remote assistance, Remote desktop Protocol, ICA & RDP Protocol .

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Windows Azure Boot Camp Trainers

This is a list to discuss the material and technical needs for the trainers that volunteer to hold Windows Azure Boot Camps.

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Vivanco I.T. Support Mailing List

Welcome to Vivanco UK I.T. Support mailing list where you can obtain support for all your I.T. issues.

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cobra screen reader

Here we can talk about the cobra screen reader from baum.

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flash2be list for tools and shell scripting. related to powerpro, quickmacros, strokeit and gui4cli.

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