Web Development

Software development specific to web delivery, HTML, Java, ASP/JSP/PHP, CGI, XML, RSS, Blogging, etc.

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AWE for WordPress

Discussion for the AWE Plugin for WordPress

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PowerClerk API

This is the mailing list for PowerClerk API documentation updates and discussion

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Game Site Dev Group

Mailing list for G+ Page

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ForuMedia Newsletter

ForuMedia Newsletter,about w3c,css,xhtml,xml,voip,erp...

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Let's Learn n Play Web! This mailling list will discuss all web technolgies (Specialization in Vietnamese language)

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Weblog Ethics

Discussion of ethics in blogging. Are there guidelines that should become accepted rules of thumb? What are the best and worst practices in terms of ethics, and how do they affect the credibility and integrity of weblogs?

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Mailing List to exchange information about the development of the Solutia project. Solutia is a web application to manage and calculate customer bank rating.

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la guardia continuing ed. creating web pages 1

this list is for continuing education students enrolled in la guardia community college's introduction to creating web pages. it is intended to provide a meeting place for these students to aid in continuing their growth in web page creation past the end of the course.

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Website Critique

This list is to be used by Webmasters to request and provide critiques on fellow members websites. I also anticipate lively discussions on overall web development.

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Frozen Midnight Web & Design Solutions :: Official Mailing List

The official FrozenMidnight.com Mailing List! Receive monthly news including features articles, HTML and scripting advice, computer information, special promotions and coupons, and much more!

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Multi Solutions Planet

Multi Solutions Planet provides free email service, online chat and community, e-classifieds, business directory and web-master tools.

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Discuss about the web technologies.


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GrokFusebox's Fusebox List

We welcome discussion of the Fusebox web development framework, and related topics. Fuseboxers unite!

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Adaptive Tecvhnologies is a company with a range of web products (site design, content management etc.) this list keeps (potential) clients informed of recent developments

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Gabiru Insano Glascow Ltda

This is a list of discussion from the Gabiru Insano group. The discussion is about Information Technology in general and webdevelopment in particular.

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