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  1. » [wdmaudiodev] Audio Driver Code Signing for WIN10 ?, Vincent Burel (VB-Audio)
  2. » [wdmaudiodev] How to sign up with MS with the Win10 driver no charge "attestment" option, Paul Titchener
  3. » [wdmaudiodev] Need help in device power state transition test, Parinitha Kashyap
  4. » [wdmaudiodev] Unplugged source lines in KSPROPERTY_AUDIO_MUX_SOURCE, Eugene Muzychenko
  5. » [wdmaudiodev] Multichannel test playback in Win10, Eugene Muzychenko
  6. » [wdmaudiodev] Re: Need help in KS Topology Test - WinBlue, Wave test- Certification, Matthew van Eerde