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  1. » [wdmaudiodev] HCK DRM test on USB portcls driver, Michael Johansen
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  3. » [wdmaudiodev] Re: PKEY_AudioDevice_NeverSetAsDefaultEndpoint problem, Matthew van Eerde
  4. » [wdmaudiodev] Re: IAudioMeterInformation::GetChannelsPeakValues error if driver supports more than 2 channels, Matthew van Eerde
  5. » [wdmaudiodev] HLK failed due to crash of the HLK program, Vincent Wang
  6. » [wdmaudiodev] HLK Audio Engine Core Test (UMACoreTest) failure, David A. Hoatson
  7. » [wdmaudiodev] Categories member of PCFILTER_DESCRIPTOR, wade dawson
  8. » [wdmaudiodev] Test post, wade dawson
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