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  1. » [linux-unicore] 答复: [PATCH] Add definition of bfd_unicore32_arch, Guan Xuetao
  2. » [linux-unicore] [PATCH/binutils] Add definitions and stubs for building bfd., LIU Zhiyou
  3. » [linux-unicore] Re: [linux-unicore] 答复: [linux-unicore] [RFC binutils/opcodes 1/3] Unicore32 Registers ,opcodes fields tables, structure for instruction., 刘智猷
  4. » [linux-unicore] [PATCH/binutils] Building support for opcodes., LIU Zhiyou
  5. » [linux-unicore] [PATCH/binutils] Opcodes backend incomplete implement., LIU Zhiyou
  6. » [linux-unicore] Unicore32 ELF中的$a symbol, 刘智猷