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  1. » [bvipilots] A happy announcement for all BVI pilots., Ron Kolesar
  2. » [bvipilots] A recommendation for the IYP flight deck booklet., Ron Kolesar
  3. » [bvipilots] audio of a real glider flight, Jason Fayre
  4. » [bvipilots] Asking a question on the newer cruising announcements., Ron Kolesar
  5. » [bvipilots] Following issues with IYP build 351., Ron Kolesar
  6. » [bvipilots] A traffic confirmation audio recommendation for we BVI pilots., Ron Kolesar
  7. » [bvipilots] Can a fellow BVI pilot give me some UT2 tips on confirming traffic timing back to the ATC without stepping on everyone's audio traffic?, Ron Kolesar
  8. » [bvipilots] For my fellow BVI users using jaws., Ron Kolesar
  9. » [bvipilots] thanks for all of the birthday Just wanted to say thanks for all of the birthday whishes.whishes. I turned 49 today and my Aunt from East lake ohio turned 76 today. Boz turns eleven on the 24th. Now still attempting to figure out the UT2 control pannel. T, Ron Kolesar
  10. » [bvipilots] A nice new featur Robert for IYP., Ron Kolesar
  11. » [bvipilots] asking a keyboard question for my fellow bvi pilot subscribers., Ron Kolesar
  12. » [bvipilots] Found out the following for all UT2 users., Ron Kolesar
  13. » [bvipilots] odd view setting in fsx and how to get out of it?, Jason Fayre
  14. » [bvipilots] oh god... what's up with itsyourplane's new feature?, hadi
  15. » [bvipilots] Robert, should the pop ups be checked or uncheck?, Ron Kolesar
  16. » [bvipilots] A question for my fellow BVI pilots using Jaws to access the IYP control pannel., Ron Kolesar
  17. » [bvipilots] Microsoft Flight simulator fx versus Prepar3D, Adam
  18. » [bvipilots] Quest Kodiak questions, Jordan Gallacher
  19. » [bvipilots] sharing some information for we who are using ultimate traffic., Ron Kolesar
  20. » [bvipilots] Thanks Robert, Jordan Gallacher
  21. » [bvipilots] Runway problem, Jordan Gallacher
  22. » [bvipilots] Could anyone do the following?, Jordan Gallacher
  23. » [bvipilots] Man what a experience tonight. GRIN., Ron Kolesar
  24. » [bvipilots] execution error 1030:5, hadi
  25. » [bvipilots] asking a radar question., Ron Kolesar