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  1. » [argyllcms] could u please reply to my email thx, 243750496
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  5. » [argyllcms] Re: macos App in Dock, Christian Macey
  6. » [argyllcms] whether i have bothered you? don't hesitate to tell me, 243750496
  7. » [argyllcms] i view the test.x3d.html but still not get what's the use of thesee algorithm, it's only little difference between the algorithm from the view of html file of the command below., 243750496
  8. » [argyllcms] argyll: Error - Input file doesn't contain keyword SPECTRAL_BANDS with the command spec2cie ColorCheckerSG.ti3 ColorCheckerSG.cie, 243750496
  9. » [argyllcms] please reply to my email it's the last question, 243750496
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